Clear Mate – טיפול בתא לחץ נייד

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ClearMate – תא לחץ נייד!

מכשיר נייד לטיפול בהרעלת פחמן חד חמצני (Monoxide) וציאניד.
הרעלת פחמן חד חמצי CO היא ההרעלה הכי נפוצה בעולם, היא מתרחשת בעיקר בבתים ומשפיעה באופן עיקרי על מבוגרים וילדים וככל שהטיפול בהרעלה מסוג זו מתעכבת – סיכויי ההצלחה נמוכים
אי לכך ישנה חשיבות עליונה במתן טיפול מהיר ויעיל!
עד היום טיפול בתא לחץ, שהוא הטיפול הדפינטיבי והמומלץ להרעלה מסוג זה, היה שמור רק לבתי חולים גדולים (בארץ באילת וחיפה) – אך היום, בזכות הטכנולוגיה המדהימה של חברת Tornhill Medical – הטיפול מתאפשר להינתו בכל מצב וכל רגע ע"י צוותי חירום!
המכשיר מתאים לצוותי רפואה דחופה, כיבוי אש ולטיפול בכל בית חולים או מרכז לרפואה דחופה!
מפרט טכני:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning

CO inhalation is the world’s most common type of poisoning. It frequently occurs in the home – especially in the third world – where it affects a disproportionate number of women and children. The longer a patient remains untreated, the more the internal organs are affected.

In pregnant women, the situation is especially dire, as CO tends to adhere more to the baby’s blood than the mother’s. So a delay in treatment affects the baby even more, as the CO in the mother’s blood steadily transfers to the child.

Treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning must be accessible, early, and effective.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Treatment Options

Treating CO poisoning with oxygen alone is unfortunately not very useful.

In the 1960s, studies proved that hyperbaric oxygen can clear the body of carbon monoxide, so this became the preferred treatment. Unfortunately, hyperbaric chambers are expensive and inaccessible for most. Even when such facilities exist, there is typically a delay relocating patients to them, and gearing up the facilities upon arrival.

Luckily, Thornhill Medical has developed an innovative device for CO poisoning treatment that’s highly effective, easily portable, and inexpensive enough for wide distribution.

ClearMate™: The Clear Solution for Carbon Monoxide Treatment

At the start of the 20th Century, it was discovered that when a person suffering from CO poisoning received a combination of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), ventilation was stimulated, and CO was eliminated through the lungs. As mentioned, hyperbaric oxygen treatment was later favoured. But in 1996, Dr. Joseph Fisher, and his colleagues at the University of Toronto, determined that given typical hyperbaric treatment delays (assuming a suitable facility is accessible at all), in most situations early O2/CO2 treatment is actually more effective at CO removal.

This realization inspired Thornhill Medical to engineer a portable system requiring only oxygen and a small cylinder of carbon dioxide. The result was ClearMate™: See image on the right.

The compact, 6 Kg, ClearMate™ is totally pneumatic – no electricity, batteries or computers are needed for it to work. ClearMate™ was designed for rescue vehicles, hospital emergency departments, factories, schools, and any other facilities where the earliest possible treatment of CO poisoning will save lives. Whenever carbon monoxide poisoning may have occurred, ClearMate™ can be used on the scene by anyone with minimal training, and with no risk of side effects.

ClearMate™ Increases Cure Rate and Decreases Incidence of Delayed Neuropsychoneural Sequela

A superior solution, ClearMate™ has already been widely distributed and tested in the Far East, where CO poisoning is endemic. The January 2015 edition of the Chinese Journal of Clinicians reported on a study of 639 patients that concluded the following: Application of ClearMate treatment in early stage of clinical intervention can significantly decrease incidence of delayed neuropsychoneural sequela caused by acute CO poisoning, increase cure rate, reduce sequela and complications, shorten time for consciousness recovery, recover brain electric activity in early stage, improve BI score of assessment for activities of daily living, and ClearMate is safe, quick and easy to use, can be operated and controlled by bedside, affordable and well acceptable for patients.

Updating Treatment Protocols

ClearMate™ is currently being incorporated in the CO treatment protocols in Toronto hospitals, and distribution across many other countries is expected soon

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